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D. @ Outside Oslo

How fun to get glimpses into (and possibly inspiration from) what people are wearing in other parts of the world, particularly Scandinavia!


The chunky chain certainly rocks, it would go great with an outfit which I wear when I go rocking!!

denmark fashion

Love the platform shoes, fashion certainly does rock and websites and blogs like this are a fantastic way of sharing what is 'in' in the fashion world at present.

going out dresses

Those chain necklace will definitely go with a rocker outfit!

Danielle xx

Melanie Farrier

Those shoes look great, they actually remind me "Alice and Olivia"'s platform sandals...

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That chain necklace is the bomb! It reminds me of the collars that were worn by royalty in the 15oo's. Super!

Street Style

The chunky chain necklace.... wow!

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Superhero were amazing at Soul Survivor, the whole of my youth group really enjoyed them!

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That neckpiece all the way ;) I love that one!

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